A Temple in Disguise

What better way to end the month of January than talking about the feeling of COMPLETION! 21 Day Fix Extreme is a 21 day workout program {clearly lol!} that includes 30 minute workouts where you use light and heavy weights, a healthy meal guide, 1 month supply of Shakeology {used to replace 1 meal per day & a great way to save money instead of eating out!}, and your workout calendar. It has all of the tools needed to get the results you want! I mean, that alone is an awesome feeling! This is coming from someone who always started and stopped programs. This is coming from someone who would always procrastinate on things that needed to be done. I’m so done with the “old me” and I have moved forward with great things in mind, starting with this temple!
What in the world am I talking about? Why am I calling my body a “temple”? Well, that’s simple, it’s what God calls my {and your} body. He created my body to function according to His will. It is my job to make sure I care for the body that He designed! So when I say “a temple in disguise”, I am referring to my old body. The body I didn’t care too much about because I had a terrible case of postpartum depression. The body that I didn’t fuel with nutritious foods that would keep my energy levels up while mothering 4 children. The body that made me skip looking in the mirror each morning. That body, was hiding the temple I have today.

As you know, I am a Christ follower. I choose to call myself this because many people say they’re a “Christian” but don’t live according to the Word of God {the Bible}. So I removed myself from that category and call myself a Christ follower. So, I live according to what God shows me through His Word.

When I study the Bible, I come across people who lived extra long lives and I’m just in awe! For example, Noah {the man who was over building the ark during the flood} lived a whopping 950 YEARS! Now, let’s think about that for a second. Do you think he lived that long by feeding his body with crap? No way! I find it hard to believe that! I feel like he had a balanced diet so he had enough energy to build that breathtaking ark!

Now,  I’m not saying I want to live 950 years.. Lord no lol! But what I am saying is, it’s just so important to get ourselves out of depression {if that’s the case} and key in on tools that will help transform not only our temples, but our mindset! I have found the tools and I’m never letting them get rusty! I will no longer be held down and covered in a disguise. God created me to inspire others, but I can’t do that if I’m not taking care of my body! That is why I am constantly feeding my mind with personal development & fueling my body with healthy ingredients. As well as working out according to my regimen! It’s that simple. I make time for myself because I have a huge calling on my life!

Before Measurements:

Weight: 130Ibs

L arm: 11 in.

R arm: 11 in.

L thigh: 24 in.

R thigh 24 in.

L calf- 14 in.

R calf: 14 in.

Chest/ Back: 32 in.

Waistline: 28in.

1″ below belly button: 32.5 in.

Hips: 39 in.

After Measurements: 

Everything is the same except the following:

Weight: 131 Ibs.

Arms: 11.5 in.

Thighs: 23.5

Chest/Back: 31.5 in.

I know exactly what I need to do to get better results for my next workout program. I have to stay on top of eating 5 healthy meals per day and meal prep is so key! I did build muscle, so that’s a plus!

That is the great thing about your journey, you make notes on your beginning and end stages, then make the adjustments as needed. I have started round 2 of Insanity Max: 30 today & it was AWESOME!!

I want to invite you to join me and my team on this journey to better health. Even if you’re already healthy, you can still grab these tools and join us! February 6th is going to be my next accountability health & fitness group! Below is an application for you to join us! I look forward to having you on my team!

Application to join the Challenge: 

Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona~




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