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Good morning friends! If you’re visiting my blog for the first time, welcome! If this isn’t your first time, well welcome back!

I wanted to chat with you about my passion, well one of them at least lol! If you would have told me in 2007 after graduating from ORU in Tulsa, Oklahoma that I would be inspiring women from across the globe with their health, I so would not have believed you! I would have looked at you like you had two heads! I would have definitely questioned you for sure.

But here I am, living the life as a health & fitness coach. Here I am learning how to build a community of #girlbosses so we can one day live a life of total peace. I enjoy documenting my journey as a coach because no entrepreneur work is easy. It takes some hard work & consistency and loads of personal development, put into ACTION to be a successful entrepreneur. It takes one hearing “no” tons of times and not breaking down with the feeling of discouragement because you feel rejected. It takes one realizing that the “no’s” are not a form of rejection towards them, it’s more of a not now type of thing. But wait, sometimes it is a flat out no! Lol!

Many of you know that I’m a Team Beachbody Coach. You may also know that I run specific groups every month. Sometimes I run 30 day health & fitness groups with my teammates and other times I run them solo. Other groups I run are 3-7 days and it could be something dealing with crafts, self-care, daily mantras, or squat dares! I mean the list goes on really.

What is a Support Group?

When I invite people to support groups, half of the time they don’t know what to expect because they’ve never been in a challenge or support group. As a Coach, it’s my passion to explain these things to those I invite so they know what to expect while in the group.

You may be wondering…So what is a support group anyway? Well, I’m glad you asked! A support group or challenge group is basically a safe community in which people can come and receive encouragement or motivation. It’s a place where they can be held accountable for their actions. If they are trying to have a healthier lifestyle, or trying to figure out how to stay organized, or just trying to experience a life of peace, the support group is there to help! If there is any negativity, what usually happens is we turn the conversation around so they can see the brighter picture. We do not allow loads of negativity or bashing within the groups. I’m talking about every day is something negative. If it happens, then we remove the person from the group and send them a private message stating why they were removed.

How do you get in a Group?

I’m currently running two 21 day health & fitness groups with my crew! Y’all, the dedication of most of the people in one of the groups is so mind blowing! I just love seeing it! The other challenge group just started Monday, so we are working on more participation. Sometimes it takes people a bit more time to get started.

You too can join the groups just by making the decision that you want to work on your health. Taking the first step is hard for some, but once I go through the process via email of how to join, I kind of get a feel for those who are serious about change and those who are not.

My passion is helping people. It’s also inspiring people to go out and seriously make the first step in improving their overall health. This includes their physical health, mental, spiritual & emotional health. It comes in a bundle ya know? I take each person through a series of questions so I can get to know them better. I find out their strengths & weaknesses as well. These questions are key to moving forward because it’s about relationship building to me.

Picture yourself…
Throughout the challenges, I have my challengers document their success & even their struggles. Then, I help them move forward. The goal is to not get stuck in old ways and to keep their eyes focused on the prize, which is a healthy lifestyle.

If you have been following me for sometime now and I have inspired you to just get up and get moving, why not start this journey with me? I would love to help you! I only work with women because I connect with them more & I am more comfortable working with females.

Below is one of my challengers. Her name is Nicole & she went to my church in Oklahoma. She is doing a program called Shift Shop. She’s a wife, mother of one son & a school teacher! If she can do it with her crazy schedule, so can you!

Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona

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