Tuesday’s Test

Good morning friends! And welcome to another moment with Shona! I couldn’t wait to get home to share what I just went through at the hospital. If you’re drinking coffee while reading this, I would advise you to put your cup down for a bit because you will most likely be boiling hot after reading what I went through.

So, let me start off by explaining some news that I got yesterday afternoon. I got a call from my kids’ school nurse saying my 6 year old Rèinah was complaining of her neck and throat hurting and she had a temperature of 100F. I got her checked out at the clinic and it turns out she has strep. So, here we go.. another one of my kids is home from school yet again.. and remember, Rèinah just had umbilical hernia surgery March 17th, (check it out on my blog) so she already missed some days of school!

Fast forward to this morning. I had an appointment with an Orthtopedic doctor to try to get to the bottom of why I experience so much pain in my wrist when I apply pressure. I was looking forward to this appointment all month because this pain had been going on since I was in the 7th grade! Yes, I’ve endured quite a bit for years! It was time to get to the root of my issue!

My appointment was at 9:00 this morning so after I sent Jeremiah & A’Niyah to school, I had to rush to get Lovèah ready and she was super cranky! So imagine me dealing with cranky pants not wanting to do anything I tell her.. typical toddler right? Then I had to wake Rèinah up. I hated to wake her up so early when she wasn’t feeling well! I managed to get both girls ready, fed & out the door by 8:30!

Now, you know when you’re in a hurry you get behind the World’s SLOWEST drivers? Well, let’s just say my frustration started to build up and I was talking myself into remaining calm. Then, the worst thing happened… I got behind a school bus that stopped 3-4 times before actually going a different direction than where I was heading! And we all say… PEAISE THE LORD!

I got to the clinic right on time & started filling out my paperwork. I completely forgot to check my email so I could fill out 2 forms ahead of time, so that meant I had double the amount of paperwork to fill out! No worries, I was breezing through it! Until, my name was called, and I looked up to find out it wasn’t a nurse calling my name. I walked to the desk and realized I gave them Lovèah’s insurance card by accident. So I just switched the cards and continued filling out the forms. I was handed an iPad to fill out 2 forms, but for some reason, the iPad didn’t like me and it didn’t accept my login! So, I had to inform the lady at the desk and she just handed me a hard copy instead and I went back to my seat.

I was then called back up to the desk and was informed that my insurance card was INACTIVE! I was beyond confused because I was literally just seen at the emergency room. After texting my husband, I noticed I gave her the wrong card (again) & quickly fixed it by handing her a different card. So here I was, coming to the end of my last form & my kids were getting a bit frustrated because they’re sleepy and the lady at the desk says the card I just handed her was also INACTIVE! Wait.. whaaa?? How? What the heck is going on here, I thought. I again, texted my husband and he sent me a screenshot of our insurance card. I realized it was a different company name, so I showed the lady my phone, she plugged the information into the computer and BOOM! Now, what do you think happened? Insert a small chuckle here… ladies & maybe gentlemen, my NEW card ended up showing INACTIVE yet again! So by this point, my chest was heavy and I was boiling because I just wanted to be seen! My husband called me and he spoke to the lady handling my insurance and found out that whatever her computer says,  pretty much goes. Even though he was just at the hospital yesterday and used our insurance, it didn’t matter! The only way I was going to be seen was by paying $100 out of pocket! Oh wait, {insert another chuckle} you know what, it was now 9:34 and my appointment was at what time again? Oh right, 9:00 which means, I couldn’t be seen even if I wanted to! Oh. My. Gosh! This was not happening to me this morning! I couldn’t believe all the drama I was going through just to get my wrist checked. Seriously?

So, I left the clinic upset and sad. Upset because all this could have been avoided if the office contacted me the night prior to verify my insurance & to at least give me a reminder for my appointment. I was sad because Rèinah was ill and weak and Vèah was just tired. I had to contact my insurance company to find out what was going on. Then I had to continue my day and try not to think so much about what happened at the doctor’s office. Gesh! What a morning! So, this will be a continuation because I can’t leave my readers hanging! Plus, I still don’t know what’s wrong with my wrist lol! Smh!

So Tuesday’s test is simple: Don’t let a challenging situation shift my entire day. Don’t let it cause my joy to fade and for me to lay up under my covers with a pout face! No, I will face my day with a better attitude! I will post this blog then go press play on my Insanity Max: 30 program because I’m on my final week! My day is turned around because I am deciding to change it around! And that’s the bottom line… don’t forget to say tuned to see what the doctor said about my wrist. ?

Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona~

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