Mommy Daughter Date With My Irish Twins 

Good afternoon! I know I was supposed to post this morning, but this weekend was so crazy, I didn’t get to lay out my blog posts for this week just yet. But, I will be sure to get it done tonight! Any who, welcome to another moment with Shona! How was your weekend? Maybe it was your moment to relax with your favorite cup of Starbucks coffee or your favorite Cafè Latte Shakeology! Or if you’re like me, it was full of birthday parties or time out with your kiddos.

On Saturday, I wanted to take my kids out because it was a gorgeous day and I was not about to stay in the house! But, there was a small issue, my husband Jason wasn’t feeling well at all! I knew we had to attend our neighbor Myles’ birthday party that day (so I thought) so we had to get a birthday gift. Since Jason wasn’t feeling well, I had to take all the kids with me to get a gift. While at the store, I text him and told him to meet us at Sky Zone for the party. I then text Stacy, Myles’s mom (and she was also a Guest Feature on my blog) and told her we were on our way. Her response was something I wasn’t expecting! She said the party was actually on Sunday afternoon lol! We laughed and were so thankful I text her before traveling 20 minutes to Sky Zone! I called Jason back and told him the party was actually Sunday. Whew!

I had to think of something to do because my kids were already in the mood to go out and have some fun! Once we got home I decided I was going to take them to the movies to see The Batman Lego movie. Since Jeremiah already saw it, he told me I can just take the girls and he will play outside with his friends. {Make note of what he told me.} So, I went ahead and paid for our movie which started at 7:55 pm. {Again, so I thought…}

7:20 pm rolls around and the girls are pretty excited about having some mommy daughter time. It was started to get dark outside, which meant it was almost time for jeremiah to come in the house. By the looks of his face, it was pretty obvious that Jeremiah was regretting telling me to just take the girls to the movies. I opened the front door and he was yelling out to me, “oh, Mommy, I think I want to go now!” Meanwhile I was looking at him like he had two heads because I already purchased our tickets and I was not about to buy another one. Everything was already planned out, so that idea was indeed a no go. I told him tickets were already purchased and it was time for us to leave. He put on his sad pout face and was riding his friend’s bike extremely slow. Hey, it is what is is right? My girls and I said our goodbyes and headed to Commonwealth theatre.


Now, be prepared for a surprise in this upcoming paragraph lol! Trust me, I was shocked when I found out. So we got to the movies all excited because we were right on time and we even had time to get our special treats for the movie! I didn’t have to wait in the ticket line because I got ours online! We were in a line for our food and I promise you, it took 20 minutes just to get to the front of the line! Two reasons, 1. The cashier was extremely slow! And 2. There was a family of five and English was not their first language! Let’s just say, everyone in line was pretty annoyed. We finally got to the front of the line and I made my order extra easy so the cashier wouldn’t take forever… well, he still managed to drag his feet! But, we got our food so that was a plus! I looked at the clock and told the girls to hurry! We scanned our tickets, got to the correct movie room and I noticed the time read 6:55! Oh no!! What? I was beyond confused…


I went to the man scanning tickets and explained the time was wrong or something… he said I purchased tickets for the 6:55 movie, but if I want to change the time I could see the manager or I could get a refund. If you could have only saw my face! I was so heated because the next showing was at 9:50! That time was way too late for my girls to be out! Especially since we had church the next day. I went to the manager anyway and we just changed it to the 9:50 showing. We had an hour and a half wait and we already got our snacks! Sigh here…





























But you know what, my girls and I made our time together special anyway. Even though I didn’t have any change or cash on me, they just sat on the arcade games and used their imagination lol! They had a good time and that’s all that matters. We took pictures, walked across sticky floors to check out a cool looking candy machine & we bumped into the manager and she said she will give us a free refill on our slushes since we were waiting so long! Um, how awesome was that!


We got our refills and headed into our movie! Just like my date night with my son, our theatre was completely EMPTY! Lol! We sat in the back and about 15 minutes into the movie, a family of four walked in. But after that, there was pretty much no other movie guests. The girls enjoyed the show and I know the were so tired, but they tried to play it off.

Even though the night didn’t go as planned, we still managed to pull some fun out of it and enjoy each other’s company. I can’t wait for our next adventure!


Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona~

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