A Mother’s Duty 

Well, well, well… here we are at Monday yet again & it was the FASTEST weekend EVER! Welcome to another moment with Shona.
Since it’s Monday, it’s only fitting to have a Monday mommy moment. So let me tell you what I had to do last Friday. So, Friday it was pouring majority of the day. I could hardly roll out of bed because, well, you know the sound of rain just makes ya want to stay cuddled up in bed. But I managed to get up and get the kids to the bus stop on time, even in the rain.
It was a 3 hour early release so I had to really be sure to get as much done as possible before my kids returned home at 11:50. I was thinking, why in the world do they have to have school anyway when they get out so early? Just take the day off! But, of course spring break is coming up so they had to go to school.

So as you know, I do my Monday & Friday morning motivational videos live on Facebook at 9:30am. Well, right when I was about to hit the go live button, I received a phone call from my kids’ school nurse. This has been something I dread because they have been catching bugs like every week it seems like! So you mind as well say I was already in a slight panic. I answered the phone and the nurse said she had Jeremiah in her office and he was complaining about not liking school bagged lunch. He basically wanted me to bring his lunch to him. I was at loss for words…

Let me explain something to you. See, Jeremiah doesn’t even take a lunch to school! So there was no reason for me to pack one. He is allowed to pack a small snack, but other than that, school lunch is where it’s at. I got on the phone with him and said, why didn’t you remind me to pack your lunch so I wouldn’t have to get a phone call? So you realize I’m about to start my motivational video (he knows about this) on top of that, it is pouring out & your sister is sleeping. I asked him if he could just eat the school lunch since they get out early and he can eat what he wants when he gets home. Well, his response didn’t go so well. He was all dramatic and sounded sad, so I said alright I would take him his lunch. He tends to get headaches when he doesn’t eat enough at school and that was the last thing I wanted to deal with when he got home.

After I hung up with him, I did my motivational video and was went ahead and go Lovèah up so we could ahead to the school. There was one major issue. I realized that really, I wasn’t supposed to be driving my van because it failed the state car inspection! This is a long story, but basically, my husband took our van to some mechanic and he did some random test on it and came up with this outrageous price! He clearly didn’t know what he was talking about or he was just trying to scam us and make us pay for something we didn’t need. So my husband is taking our van to OUR mechanic this week! So, I have this sticker on my van with a circle & line in the middle of it where everyone can see that I failed the car inspection! It’s so embarrassing lol! Lord forbid I get stopped because of it.. I just don’t want to deal with all of that. I do have 15 days to get it handled, so that’s great! Ok, back to Jeremiah. This was a major reason why I didn’t want to drive the van, but I did it anyway… why? Because it’s a mother’s duty.


I decided to make A’Niyah’s lunch as well even though she didn’t call me. I had full hands trying to get my front door open. My purse, 2 lunch boxes, and a sleeping toddler in the other arm that was getting heavier by the second! I ran out into the cold rain, got my baby strapped into a car seat that she was clearly growing out of, and ran around the vehicle to the driver’s seat. Can you picture it? A mama driving with a failed car inspection sticker, rain falling so fast that your messed up wipers can’t even handle it, and you just praying you get to your kids’ school before you pass a cop! Lol! Good Lord!


As I pulled up to the front of the school, I noticed a sign. I immediately was thankful that Jeremiah called me because if he didn’t, I would have picked them up at 12:30 instead of 11:50! One thing I can’t stand is when I’m late. So even though there were all of these reasons that tried to keep me from getting lunch boxes to my kids, good feelings still came out of it! 1. I didn’t get pulled over. 2. I made it to their school safely. 3. I found out the correct time to pick them up. 4. My kids ate something they liked and weren’t hungry all day.
Always try to find the good things in every situation… even if you don’t feel up to it. And also remember that it’s just part of being a mama. You’re going to wish you had these days of running to your kids’ rescue when they become older and more independent! So, cherish these unexpected runs while they’re young. 

Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona~

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