Mommy Moment | The love of a child 

Good morning! Welcome to the second week of May! How was your weekend? Did you get a lot done? I had a good weekend despite having loads of tooth pain. Pray for me because I have got to get this last wisdom tooth out and fast! My gums & tooth was so bad it brought me to tears on Saturday. Which leads me to the title of this blog post.


Saturday, my kids completely changed the way I respond to their needs. A lot of times, when my kids come to me complaining about some type of pain they’re experiencing, I must admit I get a bit irritated. The reason I get frustrated is because they complain daily! I kid you not, I get a call from the school nurse every week! It’s so bad that she says, “it’s me again…” when she calls! She can just keep my number on speed dial.
My kids complain about every little pain they experience! When that happens, I find myself kind of brushing them off because I just run out of things to say & ways to help! Like, I’m clueless at this point. After I tell them I just don’t know what to do anymore, I feel bad because I feel I could have handled the situation way better.
Well, on Saturday, I took a lesson from my kids. They noticed I was crying because I was in pain. They saw Jason hugging me to kind of calm me down a bit. My kids were in mid sentence and they said, “aww .. Mommy is crying… she’s hurting.” Then I heard chairs move and all of them came and hugged me. They showed me how much they love me. They showed me that no matter how I spoke to them when they complained about little pains, it didn’t matter because they wanted to make sure I was ok.


They showed me how to love more. It doesn’t matter how big or small their pain is, I must let them know that as their mum, I do care. So I will remember this day and what it has taught me. When they hugged me, to be honest I was shocked! I thought, how in the world do they care so much about me when I respond so mean when they tell me about their small pain? I guess you can say I had a gut check. Lesson learned God… lesson learned. I will show more compassion towards my kids no matter the size of their pain. No matter if they are being dramatic or not. I love them with my whole heart and I don’t want to see them hurting.
I thank God for showing me the love of a child. A lift bulb went off in my head & everything is so clear. I consider myself changed.

Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona~

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