To freeze this moment in time…

Hey there! Happy Tuesday & boy it is a very  happy Tuesday indeed! Since my 16 month old daughter Lovèah Rose has started talking (a little), I’ve been trying to get her to say “mama” or “mommy”. Of course those who are mothers know, that we do all the work giving birth to our children all for them to, 1. Come into this world looking like their father spat them out. Or 2. Say “Dada” before they say “mama” or any other word for that matter. At times, I thought maybe something was wrong with our baby because she really wasn’t speaking much. She would just grunt or make uh sounds to get what she wants. And of course, the screaming would be the last resort if we had no idea what the first grunts were implying. It’s quite hilarious when you think about lol! But today, the grunting & screaming were placed on the shelf for a moment & my Rosie clearly said “MAMA”! Let me tell you, I dropped everything and held her so close and we both laughed! I was having a crappy day until that moment. And that, is the reason behind our smiles today. ?

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