Hello viewers &  welcome to my very first blog! I’m so excited to be amongst other mommy bloggers! I would love to just jump right into my thoughts and all, but, I realize you know nothing about me lol! So, let me go ahead and change that. My name is LaShona Tyree. I’m a wife of 10 years & mother of four beautiful kiddos. Our children’s names are: Jeremiah who’s 8.5 years old; A’Niyah who’s 7; Rèinah who’s 6 & our baby who’s 1 year old Lovèah Rose. My husband’s name is Jason Curtis. We met at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2002 & the rest is history! I was a Studio Art major & he was a Graphic Design major… what are the odds right? I never thought I would date an upper classmen, but that’s exactly what I ended up doing. We had this crazy connection as if we knew each other for years! It’s just crazy how love finds ya, you know? You can be totally lost or done with relationships all together, then all of the sudden, a simple hello changes your entire perspective!
We now reside in Virginia where Jason is a Creative Digital Manager and I’m a SAHM to our one year old daughter Lovèah Rose. Our older kids attend one of the top public schools in our city. Although they are in a great school, I’ve been doing quite a lot of thinking lately about homeschooling when Jeremiah completes Elementary school. It’s still up in the air though. I would like have full control over what our children are learning. We are Christ followers, so there are certain things we believe in, that are not taught in the public school system. But, like I said, everything is still up in the air at this point in time.

Well, I spoke about my family, so I guess I’m the next one in line huh? So, you already know I’m a SAHM, but I’m also an Independent mixed media Artist, I have a solo mime ministry & I’m also a health & fitness coach! So, as you can see, I’m juggling quite a bit! But, that’s what makes life so interesting right? There’s never a dull moment at the Tyree’s! So take a walk with me as I take you through my life as a wife & busy mama bee.

A Moment with Shona 

“Love the life you live, live the life you love.”- Unknown 

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