Walmart Pickup vs Self Shopping 

Good morning! How has your week been? I can’t believe the first week of May is almost over! Time moves so fast. I feel like I was just at church and now I’m heading back on Sunday, then I’ll be meal prepping yet again! Lol! Speaking of meal prep, I want to do a comparison today relating to the new Walmart pick-up vs Walmart in store shopping.

Pros of Walmart Pick-Up:

The first time I experienced the Walmart pick-up, I was too excited! I placed my order online and picked it up the next day. The only issue was, I went to the wrong Walmart! And what made it rose was, I was running late for pick up. I had to call my husband and ask him which one was I supposed to go to. I was a bit upset because it was pouring and I was late and I hate being late. Jason told me to contact Walmart and just simply explain what was happening. So I found the number in my email and let the guy know and he was so calm. He just simply said, it’s ok ma’am, and told me where I needed to be. That made me feel great! He told me to call him back once I arrived. Once I got there I was instantly happy because I spotted all of the bright orange signs leading me to my parking spot. Then I got a reminder to call the number placed on the sign to receive my order. Once the nice man came with my food, he let me know that because some of my choices from my shopping list were out of stock, he simply replaced it with a larger size and I only had to pay for the cheapest one and I didn’t get charged twice! I was like.. say whaa? Um, yay! Lol! The man loaded my groceries and even gave me a small gift because it was my first time using the pick-up service! Once I was on my way, I thought to myself, now if I could only get him to unload my bags once home lol!


I got home and unloaded everything and I must say I was very pleased! The fruit was not damaged at all and all of my produce just looked great! I have zero complaints.

Cons of Walmart Pick-Up:

I realized I didn’t get to use coupons when I shopped online. That was just a bummer because I have a closet full of coupons lol!! Could I be wrong? Well, if you know there’s a way to use coupons, please let me know so I can save money lol!

Pros of Self Shopping:

Let’s see, I actually enjoy going in the store. I like being able to pick out my own stuff. I like that I’m not stuck to what is on my shopping list, like I can switch up a meal that I have planned within seconds. I enjoy meeting new people and seeing familiar Walmart employees. And I also like encouraging cashiers while during checkout. You never know what a simple hello or smile could do for someone dealing with a variety of attitudes, personalities & crying kids all day! I just like brightening up cashiers’ day especially when I sense they’ve had a challenging one. I try to find something that I treat them after sparking up a conversation & they come right out of their shell. Another reason I like going in stores is because I’m home majority of the day. I like to get out the house and be in a completely different setting for an hour or so. It’s also great for my toddler Lovéah to get out the house. I enjoy taking homeschooling to the store and counting cans, lights, balloons, you name it! Vèah loves learning so when I can do lessons outside of the house, she’s all for it!


Cons of Self Shopping:

The only con I have is the long lines. This really sucks when I’m in a hurry! You know whenever you have to be somewhere you get stuck in the longest lines with the slowest cashier on the planet! Lol!! Or, maybe there is a price check on a product or the cash register is jammed or the system isn’t acting right. There’s always something lolol!
So tell me, which one is your favorite? I know I will still do the Walmart Pick-Up, but it won’t be every time I shop.


Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona~

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