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Good morning friends and welcome to another moment of Shona! I have had the BEST weekend ever! It was such a productive weekend and I’m so ready to face May more organized and focused on my dreams becoming a reality!
As you know, it’s Monday and that means it’s time for another Mommy Moment! Today I’m continuing my post about my son’s dislocated thumb. Last time we spoke, I explained that he had to have surgery because there was a piece of tissue in the way when his doctor, Dr. Hale tried to put it back in place.


 Jeremiah’s Surgery

I had to get up at 4:30 am to get Jeremiah to the hospital on time. I used the wrong app and it took me down a road that I clearly didn’t know! Lord behold, I ended up getting on a toll road & I didn’t have any change!! I was literally parked at the toll digging through my purse for $.70! After panicking, I finally found change & was on my way… but really hoping I didn’t run into another toll! Guess what? I hit yet another toll & this time, I ended up finding a $10 in my purse so I went to the full service lane. I also asked her if there were anymore tolls lol! I was beyond worried that I would be late to his surgery even though taking a toll road is faster. Thankfully there were no more tolls, but… the gps froze on me right as I went through the toll! Once it was working, it took me to the WRONG address! Lol! I was in a residential area instead of the hospital! Ugh! I was very upset by this point. I kept looking at the clock and I decided to switch gps apps and I finally got to the hospital! I thought I could valet park, but it wasn’t open so I had to park all the way on the opposite side of the entrance! We had to run in order to make it on time! Right as we were crossing the parking lot, I heard Jeremiah fall! I quickly brushed him off & checked to see if he was bleeding. I didn’t see any blood, so I got him up & said “hurry!” and kept moving! We walked in the hospital literally at 6:00 am. Whew!!

Check-in was quick and straight to the point. At 6:05 am the nurse called us to the first waiting area. Jeremiah was extra sleepy. He looked like he wanted to just curl up in a cozy spot and sleep for hours! I would have loved to sleep right beside him too lol! By 6:15 am, we were in another waiting area where we met up with Dr. Hale and his crew. Jeremiah was happy he got to sit in a kid’s lazy boy seat & prop his feet up. The nurse came in and started his pre-procedure checklist to prepare him for surgery. She was very nice and made sure both of us were comfortable. She got his vitals and was making him laugh because he was very nervous.

By 7:00 am, we met the anesthesiologist, who made sure Jeremiah knew he would be with him the entire time. I forgot his name but he sure was nice. He got a smile out of Jeremiah as well, which made me happy. After we met him, I had to complete paperwork while Dr. Hale put a small mark on Jeremiah’s hand, just so he knew which thumb he was operating on. 7:25 am rolled around and it was time for Jeremiah to head to surgery. He cried because he wanted me there with him, but I told him I will see him when he’s done because I couldn’t walk with him.

The nurse gave me directions to another waiting area where I could monitor Jeremiah during surgery. One thing about me is, I have no sense of direction {ask any member of my family lol}! I took the wrong elevator and ended up on the wrong floor. I was supposed to find a chapel and I just couldn’t seem to locate it. Once I got back on the right floor, I spotted the chapel and literally said “duh” in my head because it was right in front of me the entire time! Lol! Smh. I went to the desk, and a the friendly man explained the monitoring number system and gave me a pamphlet with my son’s number on it, along with a buzzer to alert me when he was done. I found a Starbucks and a little area to “relax” and start the waiting process.
8:01 am {to be exact}, the buzzer sent off. This was the loudest buzzer ever! I mean I’m so glad I wasn’t sleeping because I would have jumped out my skin!! Lol!! I made my way to the desk and the man there pointed me to a phone area where I had to wait for the doctor to call me. It rang quickly and my heart was practically in my throat. Even though this was an out patient procedure, as a mother, we tend to I still get a bit nervous when our child has surgery. So, I picked up the phone and it was the anesthesiologist. He said Dr. Hale said he is needing to put pins in Jeremiah’s thumb after all because he couldn’t get it back in place once he was asleep. That meant he would be in surgery longer….

While I waited for the buzzer to ring again, I prepared for my new support group that was geared towards moms with picky eaters. Since I deal with picky eaters daily, I thought it would be a great idea to provide tips & recipes moms & kids can to together! Once I posted about that group, the buzzer went off. I went back to the phone area and spoke to Dr. Hale who told me surgery went well! I was escorted by a man to see my son in the recovery area at 9:16 am.

From 9:16- 9:45 ish, Jeremiah was knocked out! Once he woke up, he had no clue surgery happened lol! He asked me was his thumb fixed and I told him yes! He was still out of it from the anesthesia, but awake enough to eat a popsicle. I filled out discharge papers and got instructions on how to handle his pain and care for his new cast. We got out of the hospital at 10:16 am and was home by 12:30 pm. Oh, and I called myself trying to avoid another toll road on my way home… yea, I ended up on a toll road and I couldn’t believe it! Smh. At least I was home in time to get my daughters from school! Lol! What an experience!! Jeremiah would be in a cast for 3 weeks.


April 28th Follow-Up Appointment

Jeremiah had a great report on Friday! He got X-Rays of his thumb and Dr.Hale said his thumb is looking perfect! It is lined up the way he wanted it to be. He will stay in the cast for 3 more weeks just to be sure the thumb doesn’t get out of place once the pins are gone. So his cast will be removed May 15th.

Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona~

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