Just Dance | Week 2 & 3

Good evening and welcome back! I know you’re reading this and thinking why in the world am I writing two blog posts in one day? Lol! Well, if you were here earlier today for my sahm nap session post, I talked about having technical difficulties with posting. Because of that, I wanted to write twice today. So let’s dive in!

Tonight I am touching base on my Cize: the end of exercise progress. I am actually finishing up my last week tomorrow, but I realized I haven’t been letting you know how this program has been going! My apologies friends. Remember, I’m still pretty new to the blogging crew, so I’ll get it eventually lol!

Last time I spoke to you about my progress, I spoke about week 1. So I will continue and tell you about week 2 and 3. Week two was all about the routine called Full Out & In The Pocket. Oh and I can’t forget about the 8 Count Abs routine! Week 3 was a combination of Crazy 8’s, You Got This, 8 Count Abs & Full Out!


Since this is round two of Cize, I noticed I didn’t struggle so much with the choreography! And because I did Insanity Max: 30, which is another Shaun T fitness program, I wasn’t out of breath at all! Now, of course my pulse was fast during majority of the routines, but I wasn’t like so out of breath that I couldn’t talk. I must admit, I did forget some movements and it was quite funny! I just picked up where I left off and kept dancing! I can’t allow myself to overthink anything. Cize is supposed to be a fun way of exercising!


Shaun T’s 8 count abs routine is insane! If you are wanting tight abs, this routine is a must! Moving to music helps me out a great deal. I’m focused and in tune with the beat of the song, which gives me this incredible drive to push even harder!


Now, it’s time to confess… my eating could have been way better! Ugh! But, I did do a sugar detox with my coach and other challengers & that helped out a lot! And of course, I was surrounded by leftover Easter candy lol! Every time I went for a walk, I had a baggie filled with grapes! I love green grapes the best!

I don’t really know if my results will be that great due to my eating, but I know that I am more confident with the dance routines! And I feel great and have had so many people from my team support group tell me I’m rocking this program! That alone feels amazing! Next Friday, I will share my RESULTS! And, get ready to hear some awesome news about yet another NEW fitness program from you guessed it, SHAUN T!!!

Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona~

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