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Mommy Moment | Fighting Food Allergies

Well, well, well… look who decided to end the quiet blogging streak! Before I get into my post, I just want to say something. You know what I’m starting to notice? Sometimes I go through these moments when I just don’t know what to write on my blog. I have these dry spells I guess […]

I’m OBSESSED! :: Week 3

Hello and welcome to another day with Shona! I’m so sorry I haven’t been talking to you this week because I was having severe kidney pain. No worries though, I’m feeling so much better! If you know me well enough, you know I love my natural remedies, so that’s what I did to rid my […]

Tasty Tuesday | Fixate Pan Fried Cinnamon Bananas

Good morning loves & happy tasty Tuesday! Let’s get right to our chat today because I have a Fixate recipe that is PERFECT! This recipe is perfect because it completely erased my sweet tooth yesterday. I’m telling you, I was contemplating grabbing a handful of my kids’ Oreos because I just wanted to get rid […]

MOPS | The Choice To Forgive

Good morning loves! Is anyone else crazy excited that January is FINALLY over?! Oh my gee…Y’all that month was so long!  Anywho, welcome to another moment with Shona.   Today, I will be talking about my faaaaaavorite  group that I’m a part of called MOPS. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, it’s […]

I’m Obsessed! :: Week 2

Good morning & welcome to a moment with Shona! You have no idea how happy I am to see the date change to the 31st! Is it just me or was January the longest month of our lives?? Ugh! All I have to say is, come through February… come THROUGH!!! Alright, let’s get into this […]

Mommy Moments | The Trail To The TRUTH

Good morning, happy Monday! Welcome back to the blog! Today, I was hesitant to share this story about my son, but I said, you know what, there could be other parents going through this, so why not share? So here I am. Last year, my ten year old son Jeremiah did something that I thought […]

Tasty Tuesday | Have You Tried The Almond Test?

Good morning peeps! Welcome back to my blog spot! I’m going to jump right into this Tasty Tuesday post. I was batting sugar cravings since last week and man I just had the urge to bake something! Not just anything though, it had to be healthy because well, yah know…#Goals! I have been wanting to […]

I’m OBSESSED :: Week 1

Hey, hey! Welcome back to another moment with Shona. First time here? Well let me just say welcome & I’m glad you stopped by! Last week I spoke about something that I’m currently obsessed with. As I looked back at my “Guess Whose Obsessed” post, I realized a mistake, which is too late to fix […]

Guess Who’s OBSESSED?!

Hello peeps!! Welcome to another moment with Shona! How has everything been so far this year? We are already 15 days in and boy I’m pumped and here’s why… I’m getting OBSESSED for 80 days!! Yup, I’m the one who is obsessed, but I’m going to take a wild guess and say you already knew […]

Reflections on 2017

Hello and welcome to another moment with Shona. Can you believe it is the LAST day of 2017? How did that happen? I think I’m in denial or something because it really hasn’t hit me that tomorrow is the first day of 2018. Yikes! Well, being that this is the final day of 2017, I […]