I’m Obsessed! :: Week 2

Good morning & welcome to a moment with Shona! You have no idea how happy I am to see the date change to the 31st! Is it just me or was January the longest month of our lives?? Ugh! All I have to say is, come through February… come THROUGH!!!

Alright, let’s get into this post y’all. I have already completed week 2 of 80 Day Obsession! I can’t believe it. Don’t get me wrong, I can believe I made it… I can’t believe two weeks is already checked off my schedule!

This program is really testing my strength physically & mentally. During week 2, I had some strong cravings that wouldn’t quit! And what made it worse was my kids were eating all the junk food I wanted, but couldn’t have! I’m going to be honest, I took some bites of cereal & Oreos. Why hide the truth right? I’m just thankful I didn’t go overboard with the junk food because I seriously want to experience a full blown 6 pack at day 80. I’m not trying to screw that up one bit!

Let me go ahead and explain some of my “feels” during my routines. Remember I showed you in week one that I write out my feelings at the bottom of my tracker sheet? Well, that’s what I’m going over now. So on January 21st, I felt stronger and UNSTOPPABLE! I was feeding off of my instructor Autumn’s quote: “Doubt kills dreams than failure ever will.” I knew what it was like to fail and it sucks! But if doubting is way worse, I was going for my goal instead of feeding myself negativity about how hard it was and how I wanted to stop. Autumn says the best motivational quotes during these routines! After hearing that, I increased my weights & loops! On the 23rd, I wanted to quit, but I kept going. Booty Day is always tough! On the 25th, I felt extra sore but even with that, I still managed to DOUBLE my loops! That meant I increased my weights & instead of wearing one loop, I wore two or all three! Autumn’s quote for that day was, “your competition is who you see in the mirror.” Y’all, that quote right there is EVERYTHING! Feel free to take it and apply it to your fitness journey too. We are the only ones moving us far away from our goal or closer to it. The bell is in our court. On the 26th, I wasn’t in it mentally. I really wanted the workout to be over. I did less reps due to back pain, BUT I completed day 12 sweaty & proud!

My meals were on point and I even switched it up a bit. I made new recipes from the Beachbody on Demand blog. I love the blog because they share so many health tips and recipes! I just wanted to try something new so I wasn’t eating the same thing 247.

I still have yet to go on the scale or do measurements. I’m not the type to keep jumping on the scale or measure myself. I only do it when Autumn tells me to or if it says to do it on the program itself. Autumn said if we do weigh ourselves, we need to do it at the same TIME each time. And it’s best to weigh in the morning. So at the end of a Phase 1, I will do just that! Until then, check out my pictures from week two. There is definitely a difference. I can not only see it, but I feel it! It will only get better. Watch me transform…






















Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona

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