The Mommy Rule

Hello and welcome to another moment with Shona! It’s Friday & I am thrilled the weekend has finally arrived! My kids {Jeremiah & A’Niyah} last day of Summer school was yesterday & I wanted to scream with excitement today, but I was too busy sleeping in! I woke up so late today, but it’s ok because it’s FRI-YAY!

Side-note: that is water on Jeremiah’s shorts lol!

Today, I want to focus in on YOU {are you thinking, who me?}. Yes, I want to talk to all you momma bears out there. Tell me, did you spend time on yourself today? Like did you have at least 5 minutes to at least hear yourself think? If you answered no, then please, take a moment to continue reading this post today. Oh, and if you answered yes, great! But still, keep reading lol!

The Mommy Rule:

It’s simple, no matter what is going on in our life, we MUST take a break from it and come full circle with our thoughts, and do something for that would make us feel great about ourselves. This break needs to help us mentally, physically, spiritually & emotionally.

We tend to always be doing something y’all! Like we have it bad. If it’s not breaking up fights or arguments with our kids, it’s trying to crab crayons out of our toddler’s hands before she signs her finished abstract piece on the dining room wall! If it’s not running to the sports or cheering event, it’s driving to the emergency room for a dislocated thumb or a high fever. If it’s not piles of dishes, it’s piles and PILES of laundry folded and unfolded in baskets! By the time we get to relax, we don’t have enough energy to love on our soul mate. Then what? It causes some tension which may lead to a heated discussion.

This is something I’ve learned the hard way. I am a working progress because I try to do so much without asking my husband for help. I’m a stay at home mom, so I deal with a lot that my husband doesn’t see because he’s at work. But you know what? I had to take a step back and do something for myself! I had to make the decision that I’m not going to live overwhelmed and frustrated. All that running around I was doing was making me gain weight because I wasn’t even eating right since I was on the go. I grabbed little Debbie’s for lunch! I know, it was bad lol! I didn’t want that lifestyle anymore, so I changed it.

One day, my friend Chrissy introduced me to a strong community of support. This community has my back every day no matter what. They check into a virtual group from all over the U.S. and we have this incredible bond that is unbreakable! These women come with their insecurities, their embarrassing stories, their faith, motivation & sometimes tears, and share with complete strangers because they know that they are in a safe community. With God, my family, friends & this community, I learned that I need to get it together and take care of myself because well, I deserve it!


No longer will I let my day go by without putting a check beside the Mommy Rule. And I would like to encourage you to do the same. No more saying you don’t have time to care for yourself. Make the time mama! My sister always clowns me because I’m a planner and I must have a schedule for everything lol! But, this comes in handy. Every morning, I eat breakfast and listen to my personal development while cooking, have my devotions, share my devotions on social media to encourage others, then I workout. After that, I drink my nutritional shake to refuel my body! And yes, I do this with my kids around. If I give excuses, I will never love the skin I’m in. I will never have enough energy to do mommy duties either. So, I have to make that decision to do it, the take ACTION!

I want to invite you to my health & fitness Shift into Gear group August 14th. We have four more months left in 2017…. FOUR! Are you ready to take action? Are you ready to take care of you! It’s your time mama! Join me and my crew with a 3 week program and a meal plan that ties along with it. And also our daily dose of nutrition used as 1 meal replacement for 30 days. You got this! Please click the link at the bottom and complete the application to join us, and we will see you in the group!

Let me be the first to say congrats on checking off that Mommy Rule today! ✔️

Shift in Gear application:

Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona

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