A Surprise Homecoming 

Good afternoon & welcome back! How was your weekend? Did you get some much needed rest? How about your meal prep? Did you make some delicious meals for this week? My meal prep was yesterday and my house smelled so good! My daughter Rèinah even helped me prep! I will share more about that on Tuesday, but for now, let’s continue where we left off.
On Saturday, April 8th, I shared my Beachbody Super Saturday event with you, but it ended on an unexpected note. I was heading back home from D.C. And I got a call from my husband that our son Jeremiah dislocated his thumb! Since I needed my phone for my gps, I couldn’t get details on the how’s, I just knew I needed to head to the ER asap!

Once I got there I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head. I just wanted answers to my questions. How did all of this happen, was he going to be ok? Is his thumb dislocated or broken? Once I stepped foot in the hospital room, I knew all of my concerns would be removed after I spoke to the doctor.

Can you just imagine leaving to go out of town alone and you come back to your child in the hospital! Like, whaa? Jeremiah looked horrible! He just looked like he was in so much pain! I finally got updated on how he had this crazy injury and it turned out one of our neighborhood kid tacked Jeremiah while jumping on a trampoline! Now, I hate trampolines, so it’s not ours, but Jeremiah likes jumping at another neighbor’s house, so we let him at times.

Jeremiah looked so frustrated, angry and sad when I saw him. I just hugged him and told him sorry that happened to him. Then I asked if I could see his thumb, but he couldn’t let go of it because it was very painful.




The doctor came in and explained that the x-rays they took before I arrived showed that his thumb wasn’t broken, it was dislocated indeed. So, he explained that he had to numb the area of his thumb & pop it back in place. In my mind, all I could think about was pain because I knew the needle was going to be huge! And.. welp, I was right!

Before the doctor inserted the long needle, we had our girls leave the room because they didn’t need to hear their brother in pain. I told Jason that I wanted to stay with Jeremiah, so he took the girls to the van to wait for us.


The doctor had two nurses plus myself to assist him to make sure Jeremiah was comfortable and didn’t squirm too much. The doctor injected 3 needles in Jeremiah’s thumb! Yea, you can say it… OUCH! He actually did pretty well minus the loud screaming of course. Other than that, he took the pain better than I thought. Well, until the doctor was ready to pop his thumb in place.


We have never experienced any type of broken bones or dislocations in our household, so all of this was brand new to us. The doctor was trying his hardest to get Jeremiah’s thumb in place, but for some reason, it still didn’t look normal! He wasn’t able to move it that much and he was experiencing discomfort even with the numbness. The doctor had to get help from another doctor, then they did a second x-ray, and it showed Jeremiah’s thumb was back in place. The doctor put him in a splint and referred me to a specialist for a follow-up.



A Trip To The Orthopedic

The week of Spring break, I had to take Jeremiah to an Orthopedic doctor {Dr. Hale} to get a closer look at his thumb. But get this, not only did I have Jeremiah, I had all 3 of my girls with me! And let me tell you, they just didn’t have their listening ears on that day. It was April 14th and we were the last patients for the day. I had to fill out what seemed like a pamphlet of forms since it was his first time there. My kids were jumping from chair to chair, Lovèah was climbing on tall chairs and I thought she was going to fall back! I kept telling my girls to use their inside voices, but of course that didn’t happen. I felt like a broken record because I had to remind my girls that they had dresses on, so it was important for them to keep their legs closed. Then, it happened, “Jeremiah Tyree” a nurse called. It was finally time to head in the room to see the doctor! Whew!


Now, those with more than one child, you know that once you get to the doctor’s room, your kids usually want to touch everything and everyone except the one being seen wants to lay on the hospital bed! Smh. I got the kids to calm down right as the Dr. Hale walked in!

After a quick examination, we got x-rays and it showed that Jeremiah’s thumb was actually NOT in place! His thumb was swollen and Dr. Hale tried to move it, but it was too painful for my son! I had to hold a cranky toddler in one arm & comfort Jeremiah with the other arm! Dr. Hale decided to put him in a cast for the time being and get him back in asap because he may need surgery! First of all, I was already surprised that he had to be placed in a cast! But now it’s possible surgery? Wha?? This would be his first time in a cast.

Dr. Hale showed me the x-rays again and told me that he may have to put pins in the thumb because it kept sliding out of place. But another option was, after Jeremiah got the anesthesia, Dr. Hale could try to move his thumb in place under a better x-ray. But if that didn’t work, surgery would be the next option.



I immediately scheduled Jeremiah’s surgery for the following week, April 18th @6:00 am. When we got home, Jeremiah’s friends signed his cast and that made him feel a lot better!


Because I don’t want this to become a book, come back next week for another Mommy Moment to see how my son’s surgery went!


Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona~

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