Shona’s Dose of Motivation | Hey mama, just breathe

Wow is all I can say after being away from my blog for so long. My apologies friends. I am coming to you today to basically share why I’ve been missing in action.

I entitled this post, hey mama, just breathe because that is something I had to tell myself. I have been in such a huge rut to where I couldn’t see one foot in front of the other. I lost hope for what it is I’m supposed to be doing in my Coaching business, my blog & just my life purpose overall. I felt like I was being buried alive because my thoughts were just so heavy. I was feeling so lost and I just needed some direction and I needed it fast!

This morning, after I read the perfect devotion from She Works His way app, I realized that God is still on the throne. Just because I have lost my vision temporarily does not mean God can’t see either. He continues to lead me in ways that blow my mind. He continues to be by my side, holding my hand or sometimes pushing me from behind so I can see what He sees. He continues to show me that I’m not alone in life and I need to continue to lean on Him for direction.

There will be times when we, as mothers get so drained and overwhelmed with the daily tasks that we just want to say, “screw it!” and go somewhere alone just to escape the noise. There will be times when we don’t feel like we’re moving forward with our pursuit of happiness. There are times when we don’t want to be a sahm anymore because we’re tired of being in the house all day. There are times when our home business is not growing and we get so fed up we just want to quit all together! And there are times when we feel like we are just not cut out for this motherhood thing and we go to bed replaying all of the wrong things we’ve said to our children, and wake up with baggy eyes from all of the crying we did the night before… sound familiar? If so, I get it.

I’ve been pretty lost these couple of months. I felt like my purpose was being buried and I was constantly trying to hunt for it. I felt like my gifts and talents were being neglected and I didn’t know how to share them for the world to see. So instead of finding answers, I closed myself off. I stopped posting on social media and I stayed to myself.

I’m here now to tell you I’m back and I’m feeling so much better. I stopped comparing myself to others because that just leaves me feeling like crap. I’m learning from my mistakes as a mother and taking it one day at a time. And I am leaving everything in God’s hands because I can’t do life without Him. So I will let God show me how to run my business, how to parent, how to share my gifts and talents and even what things to post on social media. Everything I do I want to do with good intentions. So I am ready to face the rest of this year with confidence and I hope I encouraged you to do the same.

Oh, btw, I cut my mohawk last night & I’m starting a new hair journey… more info coming soon!


Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona

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