Two ways to UNWIND… 

Hello friends & let me say that it’s wonderful to FINALLY hit FRI-Yay! Whew! It has been quite a week! With that being said, I want to speak directly to you mamas today! I want to touch base on 2 things that are so vital as a wife & mother. So, no sense in me watching my battery percentage on my phone dwindle down, let me jump right in this special moment! 
As I my night was winding down last night, I looked at the clock and realized just how slow my day goes by, but my night seems to skip like 4 hours and hit 11:00 pm in no time at all! Like, what the heck is that about? Lol! 
My day was filled with doctor’s appointments, running errands, prepping for today, making school lunches, trying to control this crazy cough from bronchitis, making sure I keep up with my son’s meds since he has a sinus infection, I mean the list goes on! And to top it off, my 7 year old daughter has bronchitis now. Whew! I’m tired just typing all that! But what mama wouldn’t be exhausted right? 

Then I have to make sure I’m not neglecting my husband during all this too! I know he has rough days as well, so I must make sure I talk to him about his day. To be honest, this is something I struggle in, but I’m getting better every day. 

So with all of these things happening in my household, I had to just stop and take a moment to myself. There is no way we as mothers can function properly if we’re not doing the following things: 
1. Praying 

2. Taking a moment to focus on ourselves. 

These two things are so important ladies! I start my day being thankful that my eyes opened and are functioning! I post scriptures of the day on social media first thing in the morning for my followers. Why? Well that’s simple, because you just never know what people are going through. Someone may need an encouraging word right at that very moment! It could change everything they gave that day! Once I post the verse of the day, I start my devotions. I do this because I don’t just say I’m a follower of Christ, I actually build up my relationship with Him. Ya can’t just say it, ya have to show God exactly how much you love Him! And that is what I do. I love doing this in the morning when my baby is sleeping and my older kids are off to school. But, but.. I also like having my devotions in front of my children. I want them to always cherish the moments they saw their Mommy reading the word of God & praying. ? 

Now, the second vital thing I do is go to my happy place. Can you guess where this special place is? I bet you really are thinking about it huh? Lol! Ok, let me stop horsing around because my phone really is dying lol! My “happy place” is right in my home. I created my own special spa area right in my master bath! We have a large tub & I fill it all the way to the MAX, pour lavender stress bubble bath in, light my scented candle & push the on button on all 7 of my flameless led candles, get my cool vibes playing on Spotify & R-E-L-A-X… just me, myself & I. It is awesome! ?? 

This is so major ladies lol! We seriously NEED this time alone. We need to relax our mind & just let the stress from the day leave through deep breathing. And these behaviors are definitely a great place to start if you don’t have anything in place yet. So let me go ahead and say you’re welcome in advance lol! If you have a routine in place already, do share! I would love to hear some feedback. ? 
Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona~

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