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Hey, hey happy Monday! How are you today? I’m doing great! Just finished up my first round of my fitness program & it was tough, but I’m back for round two!

Anywho, I wanted to talk to you about my weekend. My sister came into town & you know there’s nothing like being around family! She told me she hadn’t been to my house in a year! I was shocked. So even though she was in town to get her new hairdo, we spent as much time together as we could.

My sister’s name is LèChelle ( I call her Lay-Lay). She got her hair in something called sister locs, which is a beautiful hairstyle. It does take sometime to do, but it was worth the wait.

Her hairstylist Tamika was hilarious! Lay- Lay came home telling me all kinds of stories and I was literally in tears from laughing so hard! Laughter is so good for the soul. I haven’t laughed like that in a while, so it was much needed! Below is a picture of the entire process. And if you’re in Virginia and you’re needing your sister locs done, come thru! Lol! No seriously, check out Tamika’s spot!


Tamika Williams
2021 Walmart Way #3
Midlothian VA

And follow her on Instagram at:



After Lay-Lay’s hair was completed, we had time to hang out. Normally we would go out like to the movies or the mall or something, but this time, we stayed closer to home. We took the kids on a walk in the neighborhood and y’all, my sister was terrified! Lol! We have a lot of dogs in our neighborhood, so my sister was on edge lol! The look on her face was of pure fear, not to mention her body tensing up lol! I was like you need to relax! And of course there was more laughing!

While my sister was in town, I planned on showing her how to cook some healthy recipes, but we never got around to it. Instead, I had her write out the foods she likes & dislikes so I can make her a healthy meal plan.

So we ended up stating up super late and watch a movie. Saturday we had some quiet time to relax and use my foot spa. Everyone had a chance to get some foot love lol! We also did a cool activity that my 7 year old Rèinah created. She put everyone’s name in her hat & we closed our eyes & pulled one name. Whoever we picked, we had to do something special him or her. Ironically, my sister picked my name lol! She wrote me a special letter and I loved it! I got my daughter A’Niyah, A’Niyag got Rèinah, Rèinah got Jeremiah, Jeremiah got my husband Jason, and Jason got Lovèah. I will share more about this activity this week because it’s something that can bring your family closer together.

On Friday, I am traveling to see Lay- Lay & to celebrate my nephew’s birthday! I’m excited!

Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona

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