Special Guest Feature: The Thrill of Hope Show

Well hey there! I missed ya! I know if you’ve been on my blog for a while now, you’re probably noticing the dates are becoming more consistent! Ha! Hey, I’m still a blog newbie, and I’m just getting a feel for what days I want to share my heart. But, thank you for sticking with me because today, I want you to get ready to meet some lovable friends of mine!

This beautiful couple are my 7 year old daughter A’Niyah’s god parents. We met in Tulsa, Oklahoma where we attended Oral Roberts University! Ok.. I know you’re like whaa…!? Oklahoma? Yea.. I know, I know… I left the busy streets of Boston {insert fist pound ?} to a state I’ve never been to, to find out exactly what I wanted to be in life. If I hadn’t gone, I would have never met my husband Jason, nor would I have met our amazing friends William {Will aka the Thrill} & Davina {DA-VI-NA ?} Coleman. They’ve been married for ten years and have 2 beautiful girls named Hadassah and Willow.
Now, the reason why I wanted to feature them on my blog today is because they have started an awesome adventure as a family this year! Are you ready to hear what it is? Ok, drum roll please…{patiently waiting for the drum roll…} they have started a family VLOG! Ahhh!! Now, this is a big deal because it’s a brand new experience for them. How exciting is THAT?!

When I saw Thrill post about their show on Instagram, I was so happy for them! They originally started off just vlogging every Thursday, but now we get to watch their show DAILY! This is great because they live so far away from us. We just can’t hop in the car and drive to visit. Virginia is nowhere near Oklahoma lol! So, I’m glad they made the switch because we can see them every day!

I know I will be getting a lot of traffic on my blog sooner than I think. And I also know that it’s mostly mothers who visit my website. So with that being said, I wanted to share a family show that you would be able to sit back and watch on your family nights. It’s hard to find clean shows on tv, this show is perfect! Trust me, you & your kids will love it! And I know you may even relate to some of the things they experience!

To get a better understanding of what you can expect, I asked the Coleman’s various questions relating to their show below.


LaShona: How did this whole idea of having a vlog come about?
Davina: A couple of years ago I started watching YouTube videos on my downtime at work and that’s how I came across vlogging. I couldn’t believe the thousands and sometimes millions of people that watch other people do the exact same things I was doing every single day. I brought the idea up to Will and he was immediately excited about it. We bought a camera and started filming for about two weeks, but I didn’t have peace about the timing. We subsequently quit filming and didn’t think about it again until the end of this past year.
Will: For a few years God was telling me to use what I have; stop looking for something else and use what you have. There were two things that made me pick up the vlogging idea again this past year. I did a daily Instagram story about what my elf on the shelf was doing that day and I had about 50 people who consistently watched every day and thought…I might have something here. The other was watching social media expert Gary V’s speech about stop thinking and just do- document, don’t create and that’s exactly what we started doing.

LaShona: What kind of things are you hoping your viewers takeaway from your show?

Will: We literally want to accomplish what our channel is named–Thrill of Hope. We want people to have hope in God, experience the gift of family, and to recognize the simple joys in life.
LaShona: How have the girls adjusted to recording daily?

Davina: Every morning Hadassah wants to see the latest episode; she loves it! I don’t think she understands that other people are watching; she just loves watching her family on the screen. It’s not a huge adjustment for them because nothing has really changed. We have the same routines and the same conversations we always do, the only real difference is that we are documenting them.

LaShona: I noticed when you guys are sitting at the dinner table, you go through a Q & A time, what sparked that idea?

Davina: I am part of a stay at home mom’s life group and one of the topics we discussed was dinner time conversations. The leader of the group mentioned that her family completed a Q&A journal every night at dinner. It is such a great idea and I highly recommend it for families.

LaShona: Does a lot go into creating a vlog?

Will: The editing takes the most time. We have to find the story from the day and put it together in an entertaining way. Some days we know what the story will be (for example, we know we are going to the Science Center or having a date night) but most days the story comes together during the editing process. We are not together during the day so most of the time we have no idea what each other is filming until we edit at the end of the day. It has been amazing that every day a story comes together.

LaShona: Has vlogging brought you guys closer as a family?
Davina: Yes, definitely! We had no idea what we were doing at first so we had to learn everything from scratch. This caused us to spend more time together-praying, editing and dreaming. We are in this together and it has been a labor of love.
See, I told you you would love it! Ha! This just makes me want to start a vlog too lol! As I sat up enjoying my alone time late Monday night, I caught up on The Thrill of Hope Show. This show honestly made me laugh out loud & I even shed some tears because I could relate to Davina in some episodes. This show made me want to spend more time with my children and enjoy them while they’re still young. It made me want to get out the house more and have fun on family outings. It made me want to laugh more and play with my kids instead of saying, “not right now”.

I wanted to feature this family today to spread the word and for you to get a glimpse behind the scenes. I look forward to laughing more and sitting down as a family and watching The Thrill of Hope Show! Feel free to join me!

Click the link below to start the show! Oh, but first, get some popcorn and some grape crush soda {wink… yes, I’m a fitness coach and I do drink soda… it’s ok to drink it occasionally lol!}… now click the link lol!  Don’t forget to subscribe! 

Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona~

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