4 Life Changing Bible Apps 

Well hello there! Long time no see right?! Lol! If you only knew the struggle to just type a blog post after wrist surgery… gah, it was so real! My wrist is healing slowly, but surely. It feels so tight & awkward just typing this, but we’re already in June and I haven’t spoken to my peeps since May 29th! {gasp!} It feels great to chat with you again!

We have a lot to catch up on, but I want to start my June post off with something that will exercise our Spirit-man. I want to talk about 4 special apps that will help transform your life. And since I’m a momma, I had to include something for your kiddos too!
So, before I dive in, let me ask you, have you had your cup of coffee or herbal tea yet? If not, start on that while you read. If you have had your cup, hey, there’s nothing wrong with another one right? Let’s begin.

The first thing I do before I start my day is dig in my word. If you have no clue what I’m referring to, that’s totally fine, that’s why I’m here. The Bible is also referred to as “the word” or “the word of God”. It is basically a guide to living a life that is pleasing to the Lord. See, our goal as humans… better yet, as Christ Followers, is to always live our life according to how God wants us to live. It’s our job to be a light where there is total darkness. It’s our job as His followers to be more like Him in every way! That means we do the TOTAL opposite of what the world expects us to do! When they scream hate, we show love & compassion. When they display fearful, we walk in peace & spread joy. Something so simple can be extremely difficult if our Spirit-man is not exercising and getting fueled by the word of God. So today, I want to share four of my go-to apps that help keep me stay focused.



1. YouVersion Bible App

When I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I attended LifeChurch.tv on the weekends. I later learned that they were responsible for creating this incredible app! I no longer have to carry my paperback Bible around with me because I can just access the Bible via any electronic device! And, I can even highlight passages and take notes too! There is no excuse to not read the word because I see the Bible app every time I unlock my phone.

Don’t think that the Bible is too hard to read. This app makes it very easy to read through the Bible in a year if that is one of your goals. There are Bible plans for every need you may face in your life.


When you’re exploring the app, you can discover loads of plans when you click on “discover”. This will take you to a page where everything is categorized for your convenience. There are things for singles, marriage, divorced, troubled teens, kids, depression, joy, grief, suicide, health & fitness, dating… the list goes on! And there’s a cool tool that allows you to save a plan for later if you’re not ready to read it at the moment.

You’re also allowed to have 150 friends within the app. So after you set up your profile, click on “find friends” it will connect you with friends who already have the app or you have the option of sending an invite so the person can just download the app.


The app has a verse of the day & you can choose your image that ties along with it in case if you want to share that particular verse with friends. You can also set a reminder to rad your Bible plan(s)!


You can download this app for FREE! 

2. The Bible app for Kids

Now that you have an understanding of what the YouVersion app offers, it’s time to focus on your kiddos! This is another app created by LifeChurch.tv! My kids absolutely love it!

This app takes the kids on a journey through stories in the Bible. From the beginning to the end. And, everything is animated! When the kids click on a character, it moves & keeps them very engaged. Little bubbles pop up randomly during the stories & when they click it, a question pops up. They have the option of having the question read to them too. And the entire story has a narrator so it’s perfect for toddlers.


There is a section for awards that the kids collect when they answer a certain amount of questions correctly. And once a story is completed, they have the option of re-visiting that story at any time!


You can download this app for FREE! 

3. First 5 app

This is a great devotional app for women. It delivers so much peace in just 5 minutes! The creators of this app did a wonderful job with not only the design, but by creating an environment where women can come together and feel completely safe talking to others who may be going through similar situations as them.
It’s crazy how we really aren’t alone in this life we live. I think there is always someone else going through or someone who has already gone through a test of faith! It’s just a matter of us connecting with those people and finding ways to encourage each other through that storm.
This app has a reminder tool just in case reading slips your mom brain lol! It has videos of the designers delivering the word too and there is such a one-on-one connection I get from taking the time to watch the clips. The ladies dissect the teaching so it sticks.



The plans in First 5 go through each book of the Bible & break it down into stories that are easy to comprehend. At the end, it gives a brief prayer & a moment of reflection where you can participate with other ladies and answer a question relating to your life. Your answer is then moved to a section where you can comment & love on other ladies’ responses. It’s such a great way to meet new people & develop new friendships!

You can download this app for FREE!





4. She Works His Way app 

I found this incredible app on Instagram last week! Today was the first time I read a devotional and I must say, this app is a keeper!

The design is so crisp & clear. I love how the writers deliver the message through real life situations. It’s like we are literally sitting in the same room having a girl chat! I just love the realness of it all. The writers get right to the point and bring that thing home so the reader doesn’t start their day in a funk.


I love how the app is laid out. As soon as you open it, you will see clear directions that show how easy it is to navigate the app. I like how I can share what my favorite Bible book is & what college I attended. I like how I can find cool peeps (literally) & become friends too!

You can download this app for only $2.99!   

I would love to hear your thoughts about these downloads or your favorite devotional apps!


Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona

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