Special Guest Feature: Nova Gabbidon Scott

Hey, hey!! It’s Friday & I’m back again with yet another special guest feature! If you love fashion design, then you will fall in love with my friend Nova Gabbidon Scott, who attended Oral Roberts University with me!
Now, just a heads up, a lot of my special guest are people that attended Oral Roberts’s University. If you checked out yesterday’s post about “The Thrill of Hope Show” you would notice both Will & Davina went to the same University! I developed great long lasting friendships at that college.

Ok enough reminiscing lol, let’s talk about Mrs. Nova {in my Jamaican accent… because she’s Jamaican.)! When I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Nova was kind of like my spiritual mentor. She was always there to encourage me when I faced family challenges. She wasn’t afraid to be real with me & that was pretty much what I needed every time. Nothing wrong with tough love ya know lol! But, seriously, I will never forget that nor will I forget all of the laughs we shared.

Nova is married to my friend Torrian Scott. {Guess what? He too went to ORU lol!} They have been married for 8 years (9 this May) and they have 3 beautiful kids named Josiah (6), Joy (4), and Joseph (2). They are always so full of joy and I love it!

Now, let’s get into this thing we love so much called FASHION! I want to not only share Nova’s beautiful boutique, but I want you to learn about her as a designer as well. So what better way to do that than to have an interview?! Let’s tune into the heart of Nova.


LaShona: Have you always been into fashion? If yes, when did you feel it was time to take off with your career?

Nova: I’ve always had a strong desire for all things fashion for as long as I can remember. As an immigrant growing up, my parents didn’t have the money to buy me the pretty dresses and the matching bows that I wanted. But by the time I got to high school and started working an after school job and summer job, I started purchasing a lot of the things that I really liked. I decided to step out after I had my last child. I was a stay at home mom feeling depressed and feeling as if I no longer had a purpose. I felt like I had lost “myself” in the midsts of mothering and being a wife. One day as I looked at others that I admired doing awesome things and stepping out, I decided that it was my time and that I could do it as well with no excuses. So, 2 years ago I stepped out and first started with hand beading tees and headbands. A year later, I stepped out and launched my online boutique.

LaShona: Where does your inspiration stem from?

Nova: I can say my inspiration comes from within. I’ve always had visions and pictures in my mind of clothing and designs that I have not seen yet. I feel like the multiple people that do inspire me are those who have an unique approach to fashion and aren’t trend followers, but trendsetters. So currently, I don’t have a specific designer who I absolutely follow and love. I love all of the ones who are creating the designs that we wear today.



LaShona: Where do you find your models?

Nova: I first started out saying that I wanted a multi-cultural look on my website. So after that I reached out to my friends and asked them if they could model for my boutique. Some of my models are stay at home mom’s and others are college students.

LaShona: What ran through your mind when you found out you were going to be involved in your first annual fashion show & lunch-in? 

Nova: I was initially excited and then nervous. With this one being my first, it is definitely a stretch for me and a faith walk.



LaShona: What is your vision for BcNovaMarie? 

Nova: Before I started God put on my heart to restore dignity to women threw clothing. So my goal is to use a portion of my sales to purchase work clothing, casual and dressy clothing wholesale and donate it to women who are in shelters and homes that have been rescued from sex trafficking and abuse. We as a company want to put on these emaculate red carpet events where we would style these ladies, have a 5 course meal and show the love of Christ to them through the event. I also want to design my own clothing as well by next year.

LaShona: Who are your top 4 fashion designers and why are they your favorite? 

Nova: I actually currently don’t have one. I’m very eclectic when it comes to style and to fashion. I love a ll kinds of designs. So my philosophy is if I like it then I buy it. I am open to a variety of styles.

LaShona: Do you have a mission statement for your business?

Nova: Yes my business is called Beautiful Creations by Nova Marie. The intent or mission is to help women embrace the fact that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. Embrace your authenticity, embrace your body, and be bold in your authenticity. So our mission statement is “Restoring Dignity to Women Through Clothing.”

Ok ladies, I don’t know about you, but this made me tear up big time! I literally felt Nova’s vision like so strongly! This is so A-MAZING… like I always say. I am so excited to see where this adventure takes her! I can so relate to Nova when she said she was feeling like she lost herself while being a wife and mother. I was so in those shoes until I discovered my true purpose in life! If I can inspire one, I can inspire many!

So to all the sahm’s reading this blog today, do not let being a wife & mother cause you to forget who you truly are. Dig deep and find your purpose & live life intentionally.

To check out Nova’s boutique, click on the link below. Happy shopping! www.bcnovamarie.com

Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona~


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    • Shona
      Shona says:

      Hey, hey Torri! Aww… I appreciate that! I’ve always liked journaling, so why not create a blog about my life right? Never know, I could write a book one day! Lol! Thanks for the support!

  1. Shua
    Shua says:

    Thanks for sharing Nova Marie and thanks for the interview Miss Shona! College friends are for life!! Nova is a mentor of mine too and because she has stepped out, she has inspired me to be obedient God and the visions He has given to me too; to stop hiding; and to follow through. Step one: let go of two part-time jobs and focus on one that not only brings in more funds, but allows me the time to dedicate to family, ministry, and friends. Step two: Write the vision and make it plain. Step Three: Observe to do. Step Four: Get Wisdom and get understanding Step Five: run to win.


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