Special Guest Feature: Jason Tyree

Today, I am talking to you about this creative mind which belongs to my husband, Jason Curtis Tyree {AKA Jay Curtis}. I’m telling you, this man is full of insane ideas! There’s like no end lol! Although his ideas are many, I’m introducing you to his newest idea, which I’m sure you will enjoy. 

January 2, 2017, Jason launched his fresh idea called #CelebrateLife. This idea is actually a movement that will expand across the globe {I’m speaking it into existence}! It is where you can find real life stories that are uplifting & that cause you to spark a smile. It’s a movement that pushes the ugliness in the world aside and tunes into the joys of life itself. 

I had the opportunity to interview Jason {as if I had to make an appointment right… lol!} to get the scoop on more about this incredible movement. Let’s check out what he had to share! 


1. LaShona: How did #celebratelife come about? 

Jason: With the constant bickering of politics, celebs and loved ones dying, and just everyday stress, I wanted to remind folks to enjoy the present, smell the flowers, and celebrate your life while you still have breath.

2. LaShona: How long have you been working on this project? 

Jason: It’s been on my mind for about 4 years. It started off as a desire and passion. I didn’t think it would turn into this, and I don’t think it has taken it’s true form yet.

3. LaShona: What path do you see #CelebrateLife going within the next 5 years? 

Jason: I would love for #CelebrateLife to eventually be the go-to source for positivity, gratitude and appreciation. I want #CelebrateLife to be a culture.

4. LaShona: With all the hate going on around us, how do you remain focused on the positive outlook on life in such a dark world? 

Jason: Gratitude is key. All of us complain about something every day, and whatever we complain about, no matter how big it is, someone always has it worse off than you. There is always a silver lining. Joy, positivity, gratitude doesn’t just fall in your lap, so you have to fight for it. Unfortunately, bad news, stress, drama easily fall in your lap. You can just log into social media and see it. When I say #CelebrateLife, I want it to trend online AND offline.

5. LaShona: What obstacles have you faced while building your audience? 

Jason: The original conception of #CelebrateLife was called Goodnesday. The main issue was trying to draw an audience. I found myself becoming obsessed with “likes” “comments” “feedback” etc. I was building it based off what I thought other people would want and need. This time around, I’m totally focused on me. This is therapeutic for me. If I’m the only one who enjoys #CelebrateLife, then good. If I affect ONE person, good. I’d rather inspire one person who will inspire 5 people, instead of trying to inspire 6 people who isn’t gonna inspire anyone else. I have found better success in influencing deep instead of wide. Influencing deep example: Jesus inspiring 12 men to inspire the world. Influencing wide example: Jesus having 12 billion followers on Twitter. If you get it and spend time nurturing a few folks, it will spread. Trust me.

6. LaShona: How many special guest do you have featured on #celebratelife per month? 

Jason: As many as I can pull in. As long as you are celebrating life in your craft, I want to feature you. Right now, we have a family vlog where you can see an entire family celebrate life. We’re gonna have a illustrator who is gonna celebrate life thru her cartoons. We’re gonna feature a black history docuseries. Celebrating life isn’t necessarily happy news only. Sometimes the beauty of life is when we go through ugly things (keywords: go through). So in the future I look to incorporate success stories of how people came out of trials.

7. LaShona: Lastly, do have any surprises up your sleeve for the upcoming months? 
Jason: I’m always thinking of surprises. I have a few in my head right now. It’s just about proper execution. Some ideas you will see later, and some ideas will never see the light of day. But always be on the lookout.

And there you have it folks! Like I said, this is an INCREDIBLE movement and I look forward to hearing about the numerous testimonies that will flood timelines and social media feeds this year and beyond! It was great picking Jay’s brain for a bit lol! And I’m always thankful to feature him as a special guest on my blog! 

Please get the word out there about #CelebrateLife. There are so many negative things going on daily. It’s a great tool to use when all we hear about is murder, politics, hate and more. Let’s make an effort to feed ourselves with the positive things in life and learn how to also overcome trials we may face. 
You can check out #CelebrateLife at http://www.hashtagcelebratelife.com

Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona~

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