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Good afternoon and welcome to another episode of Shona’s Dose of Motivation! I want to talk to you about something that I’ve really been implementing since the last time I spoke to you, and that is “self-talk”. 
What is self-talk and why the heck is it the “”? Boy am I so glad you asked me that question! Self-Talk is a great way to boost your confidence level because you are constantly feeding yourself positivity. You’re constantly seeing a better outcome regardless of what’s in front of you. But, self/talk can be both good and bad. One source from Psychology Today said:

“You can think of self-talk as the inner voice equivalent of sports announcers commenting on a player’s successes or failures on the playing field. 

When this is upbeat and self-validating, the results can boost your productivity. However, when the voice is critical and harsh, the effect can be emotionally crippling.” Susan Krauss Whitebourne Ph.D 

Let me explain what I went through on Wednesday. So I set the bar pretty high for myself sometimes and when I don’t hit a certain level on that bar, it becomes very discouraging. Wednesday, I felt like I had an anxiety attack and it was a horrible experience! I’m talking about a complete meltdown. 
I laid in my favorite spot in my house, which is my living room behind my couch, wrapped in the softest blanket in the world {ok, probably not the world..} & watched the sun shine through the trees in my backyard until it hit my face directly. Then, it hit me. My sitting became laying. My dry face was now soaked from the tears that I just couldn’t seem to control. I was feeling like I failed at what I tried to accomplish. So, what did I do when I felt like I hit rock bottom? It’s simple, I started a personal Vlog. I recorded my inner most feelings that came from the pit of my belly. I cried as I shared my frustrations with my future self. I got all of my emotions out, even talked to God and asked Him for an extra push because I felt confused and lost. I ended my Vlog just in time for my Upline Coach’s team call {a time other coaches come together and discuss how we can reach our goal & dreams}. And guess what? That call was just what I needed! 
Here’s where self-talk comes in… after my coach’s team call, I got up, talked to God again and poured my heart out. I then got up and read my “words to live by” sheet I created for myself and got to work. Later that Wednesday, my coach sent me an ON TIME training from my favorite speaker Josh Coats, and of course, I balled almost the entire training. It was perfect and talked about how to get out of the spot I was in in my business! I was pumped! 
Fast forward to Thursday, I started my morning differently. I got in my Word {the Bible} more. I started journaling after every Bible plan lesson from the YouVersion Bible app & something magical happened, my heart and mind was filled with peace, passion and joy! I spent roughly an hour and a half just writing and listening to what God had for me that day. It was amazing! 

After my devotions, I started on my workout as I usually do, but as I was approaching the middle of my workout, I heard these words so clearly: 

                      ” I CAN

                  Because I said so.

                         I WILL

                 Because I believed.

                            I DID
                 Because I knew it!”

Say whaa.. I heard it twice and stopped and wrote it down in my notes! This is a perfect example of self-talk because I may not see what I want now, but it’s coming and I’m on the right path! I’m talking you, once I got into my day, everything just flowed! I was in my element and truthfully, it felt INCREDIBLE! Finally, things were looking UP! 

Making adjustments to my schedule and spending more time with my Heavenly Father
Is what is going to get me to that dim light at the end of my tunnel. I will say that quote every single morning, because I know it’s something God gave me. I will believe in the impossible and I’m expecting BIG things to happen BEFORE July of this year! Why? Because that is when my first Beachbody trip is! I will have some major accomplishments before I get on that plane to New Orleans. 
If you are having similar issues in your business, start making minor adjustments to your morning and begin some self-talk to get you started. Then, sit back and watch as your dreams unfold right before your eyes! I’m telling you, your road to success just got a lot smoother if you include this simple exercise of self-talk. 

Until next time, laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life. – XO Shona~

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