Super Saturday

Good afternoon and welcome to another moment with Shona! This week has been insane! It’s Spring break so it feels like my schedule is all out of control. Anywho, enough about me, how are you doing? Happy Thursday! Today, I want to tell you about my amazing experience at a Beachbody event called Super Saturday!
Now, I’m not going to give every detail because since you’re not a Beachbody coach, you just wouldn’t understand what the heck I’m talking about lol! But, I will share some highlights of my travel to Washington D.C./ Northern VA on April 8th.
Let me tell you something about myself. One thing I do not do is travel to a different state or city alone! Because I just really don’t have a sense of direction, even with a gps, I get lost with the drop of a hat! I prefer to tag along with my husband or friends. No one likes to get lost, especially being a female in an unfamiliar area… that alone is scary!


I got up extra early on Saturday after only getting 3 hours of sleep. I wanted to give myself plenty of time to drive just in case I got lost! But, let’s just say getting up at 3:30 am& heading on the road at 4:00 am wasn’t the best idea. I had to be to registration at 7:00 am and I had a 2 hour ride pretty much.


Instead of getting on the road at 4:00, I decided to make a quick run to Walmart to pick up some food for the kids so my husband wouldn’t have take all of them to the grocery store! We know that could be a task lol! So I got what I needed and dropped it back home. I ended up getting on the road around 5:00 am.
I was about nervous driving alone & in the dark, but I had my Travis Greene Christian music playing and I was good to go! While I was driving a car started swerving into my lane. He had no blinker either. I beeped the horn to get his attention and I just let up on the gas and let him drive ahead of me. I wasn’t sure if he was falling asleep at the wheel or what, but I know I didn’t want any part of it!

I did pretty well driving to the right building! I even arrived early! I walked inside to find the Beachbody volunteers setting up for registration. I spoke to a lady at the desk and she told me registration was actually at 7:30 am. So even though I was like 35 minutes early, it was ok because it’s better to be early than late! I had time to contact my family and let them know I made it safely. I was able to do some work right from my phone too! It was a win- win!


7:30 am came around and I stepped foot back in the building. I registered for free because the Richmond Super Saturday was turned into a zoom call (like a live broadcast on an electronic device) instead of an actual face to face gathering. I knew I wasn’t going to go on a zoom call, so I made an effort to get to D.C. They provided a warm egg muffin breakfast for us & coffee! I sat on the floor next to some ladies and I looked around and didn’t see not one familiar face! My teammates weren’t able to make the event, so I was there pretty much alone. It was kind of scary, but at the same time it was ok because I knew by the end of the event, I would know people!


There was a moment when we were able to take professional pictures with a man named Michael Niemand, who is the Division President of Network Marketing for Beachbody. He is the nicest man you’ll ever meet! Michael is always so cheerful & encouraging. I was excited to meet him & I can’t wait to see my picture! While I was in line waiting to take my picture, the lady in front of me sparked up a conversation. I felt less nervous and more comfortable after that. We left the photo room and walked to the main room and the helpers at the door handed us beaded necklaces. It all made sense because it was a Mardi Gras themed event! How fun is that?! And guess what, the lady and I ended up sitting together! Too bad I forgot her name. Then, another lady joined us. Her name was Sheila. She was very nice and I added her to my Facebook friends!


At these events, we get to meet top Beachbody coaches, we hear incredible testimonies from people who lost tons of weight or who have won money via Beachbody for losing the most weight! They are called Challenge Winners. We hear from important people in our company who travel to visit our Super Saturday! They come with loads of encouragement and company news that blow our socks off! The stories make us laugh out loud and sometimes cry because we can do relate to the person speaking. These events are amazing because we feel safe and we feel like a family! The trainings help us grow our business & that is why I attend each one!


The hosts did an icebreaker game and we used the beaded necklace to play. We had to go around the room and find the people that had the same color & shape beads that were attached to our necklace! Mind you, the room was packed!! Everyone was walking around holding their necklace in the air… it was pretty funny! I finally gathered my group together and we took a selfie to prove we belonged together lol! It was pretty fun!


During the event, we usually have a time when we hear from our CEO And hear about new programs or changes coming up. Well, we got some insane news! We have 2 new Beachbody programs PLUS 2 new Vegan Shakeology flavors!!! Say whaaa?!!! Yea, my mouth dropped! Everyone in the room was cheering and giving their team high fives! It’s ok to be excited, it’s awesome news!!! I cannot wait for people like you to try these things out!


Introducing the new Shakeology Vegan flavors! Caffè Latte & Vanilla. We also have 2 new superfood ingredients called Chaga & Matcha! We take pride in our products and we want to provide the absolute BEST for our customers! And we travel the world to find the best so we can deliver it right to your doorstep!


Our new fitness programs are called Shift Shop & YouV2! Shift Shop is a 3 week rapid rebuild cardio and strength training program. It is insane y’all!! I can’t wait to get it!!And YouV2 is a program very similar to Zumba! It has easy to follow moves, music from the 80’s and loads of fun! And, there is a children’s workout channel as well so your kids can have routines geared towards their needs! Awesome sauce!!


After we received all of our training & got word of all the yummy new programs& Shakeology, it was time for our live Cize workout as a group! I love these moments because you can literally feel everyone’s energy in the room. We come together as one to learn how to help people with their healthy lifestyle, then we dig deep and get a great workout in together! Our fitness instructor did Cize (just dancing) , Core de Force (martial arts/kickboxing style) , Insanity (intense cardio) , and Yoga!! I made more new friends and added them to Facebook, watched a very pregnant mama not only lead the workout, but Crush it, I left every feeling of stress I had on the floor!! It was the best feeling ever!!


And then, it was time for the long drive home. I was anxious about the drive back for some reason. I had a heaviness on my chest that I couldn’t shake. I called my family and just asked for Prayer because I was irritated by the feeling. I got on the road and made 4 wrong turns. I finally got on a road that would lead me straight home, but here was loads of heavy traffic! I used another route which still had traffic, but it was a faster route. As I was in bumper to bumper traffic, I got a call from my husband saying he had to take our son Jeremiah to the ER! My heart was pounding! I was like what the what?! Why…!? He said he may have dislocated his thumb! Um.. come again? So let’s just say, the thought of me going home and resting was out of the question. I went straight to the ER to see my son! To be continued…


Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona~

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