Transitions of a Toddler

Hello mama bears! I am coming to you this morning, spilling my heart out to you about my sweet-pea Lovèah Rose. Now, let me start off by telling you a little about “Rosie”.

She is our 17 month old miracle baby. Lovèah is full of life and is super happy like all the time, well, unless she’s due for a nap or hungry of course… that’s a different story all in itself. Lovèah is our youngest of four children, so in other words, she’s Ms. Boss lady! I’m sure you mama’s can relate to that lol!

Rosie is the ONLY child who is not a picky eater. I’m telling you, this girl eats anything mama eats with no problem! You have no idea how this makes me feel! I mean warmth just floods my soul because my husband and I dealt with picky eaters for 9 YEARS with our oldest child, Jeremiah. Then his younger siblings picked up his habits. ?And again, that’s another story lol! So when Rosie was younger, I made organic baby food & I also nursed her. It was indeed challenging because with all of my children, I was never successful at breastfeeding for a long period of time. Jeremiah wouldn’t open his mouth properly, A’Niyah never opened her mouth wide enough & Rèinah did great, until I found out I had an umbilical hernia & needed surgery. ? It hurt to nurse her, so I had to stop.

So, let me get down to the whole transition part. Ladies, I have started something that is so hard to break! I could use some major input right about now. So, Lovèah has been co-sleeping since she was roughly 5 months. It was just easier for me to nurse her laying down because my milk was still struggling to come in. I’m telling you, the struggle was real! My husband and I had a discussion & decided it was time for us to transition her to her nursery. Well, that lasted for about 1 months (if that) then we had to move into our new home! This meant she had to get use to sleeping in a new room all over again! And, to top things off, she ended up getting sick and the only way she would fall asleep comfortably, was if she was right under her mama {excuse me as I cover my face in embarrassment}.

So here we are, my Love is now 17 months old and she is STILL kicking my husbands back, head butting me causing me to jump out of my sleep, coughing all in our faces, passing gas between her cute snores, the list goes on. Mamas, I have tried putting her in a playpen in our room, she cries. I’ve tried nursing her then putting her in her nursery, she cries louder! Meanwhile, I’m screaming for HELP on the inside!

Tell me, have you gone through this with your little one(s)? If so, PLEASE share your secret! I need help with this. One thing I don’t want is for this to stand between me & my husband’s intimacy. Something has to change & it has to stick! I know I have to suck it up… I’m ready to put on my mama pants lol!

Until next time, thanks friends! ?

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