HACKED by Husband: Valentine’s Day Post

Yes…it is 2:15am. Why am I up? Beats me. But…I figured since I’m up, I can hack into my wife’s blog and leave her this Valentine’s blog post. I vividly remember Valentine’s Day 2003. In fact, let’s go back to February 12, 2003. I was not in a relationship at the time, but man…I was really digging Shona. All my other homies were in relationships and I was battling whether or not to participate in Valentine’s Day. I asked Shona out to the Valentine’s Dance at our college (and she said “yes” to my surprise), but the dance got canceled. Again, we were NOT together at this point. Just friends. So, here I am, two days before “love” day, and I’m 50/50. At the last minute of February 12, I decided to take a huge risk. I decided to spend time, money and effort for Valentine’s Day on a woman that wasn’t even mine (yet).

I decided to do a Valentine’s scavenger hunt type of setup. From random roses, emailed a long poem, hid a large teddy bear, gifts, etc. from her and had her wait until certain times to “find” these items. Her friends were in on it and set up rose pedals and different gifts for me in her dorm room (because it wasn’t coed dorms). Then we finished the night off with dinner and a movie. I’m talking I went all out! Did we get together that night? Nah. But the seed was planted and 9 days later, we made it official as a couple and never looked back (sheesh…14 years ago).



I say all of that to say that she was the BEST investment EVER. Now we have 10 years of marriage and 4 kids under our belt, so not only do I have to keep up the consistency, but I also have to make sure our 3 daughters are pampered as well, and my son can see how it’s done. I won’t say that I’m nothing without her, because that’s a lie. I was something before her and she was something before me. We didn’t meet “nothings”. “Oooo…’nothing’ looks good. I think I’m gonna be with that person.” – says no one. What I will say is that I am BETTER because of her. She has made me a husband and a father. She has been with me through the good times and and the bad. She has improved my wardrobe selection, turned my scrawny body into an adult male body (lol), and balanced me out in life.

You all have “A Moment With Shona”, but I’m privileged to have A Life With Shona and I get to #CelebrateLife with her (shameless plug). Well, to Shona…I love you, and that’s forever. To you all…I’m out!


Update: So I set this up for them after I did this blog. They woke up this morning to this…

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