Special Guest Feature: Alexander Tamahn Walter

Today, it gives me great honor to introduce you to one of my good friends from Oral Roberts University, Alexander. I have never met anyone so multi-talented in my life! And I’m dead serious about that! Alex has been blessed with numerous gifts & talents and he chooses to share them with the world.

Alexander Tamahn Walter

When we attended ORU, I was a volunteer staff member of a step squad called Valour, that Alex was in. The first time I saw his work was when he designed Valour’s t-shirts. Yea, that was back in the day lol! I can still picture them too. Blue tees, two silver figure outlines, spotlights & the Valor scripture (I think the scripture was on there too). After that, I continued to follow Alex’s  journey as an Artist. I’m telling you, the growth is unreal!
Not only did he know how to step, but the man can sing!!! Wait, let me correct myself, he can SAAAANNG!! Lol! No seriously, you just have to hear him. As time went on in, I found out Alex had yet another talent, which was dance. And if you know me, you know I love dance! I was just blown away at all of these gifts and talents balled up in one person! It was simply amazing.

After graduation (we didn’t graduate the same year), we went our separate ways, but kept in touch. We stayed connected via social media and I was able to stay up to date with all of the adventures Alex encountered. Now, I’m not saying everything was all good every single day. This is life we’re talking about and everyone has their moments where their faith level is tested. But let me tell you, my dude Alex came through stronger than ever.

Today, Alex is a contemporary Artist, illustrator and designer who works primarily with mixed media to create an aesthetic with vibrant color and rich texture. His primary source of inspiration comes first, from his faith, then from the visceral human experience wherein everything from music and fashion to his diverse family heritage and topics of sociopolitical concern influence the substance of his compositions.

Alexander with his Black Lives Matter Mural

Alex’s work has been featured on HGTV, DIY, and GAC cable networks on the show, “Texas Flip and Move,” where it was used to “stage” newly renovated and designed living spaces. His work can also be seen in and around the greater Tulsa area, gracing the walls of a number of private and public galleries, large and small businesses, and even on public transportation shelters through his partnership with the city’s environmental compliance department.

Untitled Abstract (2015)

The day I saw Alex’s painting on HGTV, I was so done! Meaning, the excitement was so high it felt like it oozes out my veins! Lol! I was so blown away by such a major accomplishment, I was pretty much moved to tears! It’s one thing to have a goal, but when you actually achieve that plus more, that is a life changer!

Stargazer’s Opulence 11″14″

Jackie 16″x20″ Digitally Edited Watercolor

I don’t think Alex knows exactly how huge of an inspiration he is to me. As an Artist, it’s difficult building my portfolio up sometimes because I don’t have that free time like I used to. I have 4 kids now, so things have changed quite a bit. But, who am I kidding? That is no excuse right? I can get things done. After all, 3 out of the 4 kids are in school. So I could schedule some painting sessions in while Lovèah (my 21 month old) is napping. I could do random brainstorming to just get some ideas flowing too! It is indeed possible!
I know in order to strengthen my gift, I must practice! I never want to neglect what Hod has blessed me with. My dream is to have my abstract paintings & ceramics in an art gallery one day. This is possible! Alex has inspired me to keep moving forward and never give up when it’s hard. I mean, look, he got into a horrible car accident January 20th and he sure didn’t let that stop him from working.

Alexander’s vehicle after his car accident in January 2017

He has just finished creating a masterpiece and it’s my new favorite!

30″x40″ Acrylic on canvas

I asked Alexander what his favorite art piece was and this is what he had to say,
” Virgo is my favorite right now. I really enjoy how developed it is as a composition. And it combines the breadth of a number of techniques I’ve learned so far.”  

Virgo 11″x17″ Mixed medium watercolor paper


I hope after reading about Alexander and seeing a snippet of his artworks that you would have some amazing takeaways. I hope that you can capture exactly what he was trying to portray in each painting. There’s pure beauty and peace in each piece… let it speak to you in its own special way.

To see more of Alexander’s artworks, visit him on his website:


Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona~

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