Product Review | Annie Detangler Brush & African Pride Shea Miracle Moisturizer 

Hello there! Welcome to a moment with Shona! I can’t believe we celebrated yet another Independence Day! I feel like we just celebrated it not too long ago. Time is flying because we’re already in the middle of the year.

I didn’t spend my day hanging out with friends at a typical BBQ this year. I was home packing & doing last minute cleaning because I’m going to my Granddad’s funeral in New Jersey Friday & I’m going to NOLA next Tuesday.

I’ve never been to New Orleans before. This trip will be exciting because it’s actually my first business trip! It is going to be quite an experience! I actually have mixed feelings about these trips. I have been having major gum & jaw pain & I’m trying so hard not to think about it, but I feel it’s getting worse! I am currently treating it with peroxide {daily rinse}, but the pain is becoming unbearable. I had a dental appointment today, so prayerfully all will be well sooner than later. I am going to start finding my mouth with virgin coconut oil because it has many benefits.

Ok, enough about my pain, I want to talk to you about a great new beauty store that is up the street from me! It’s called Beautifull (I know how to spell beautiful lol! That’s the way the owners spelled it lol!). It is the largest beauty supply store I’ve seen in Richmond, Virginia thus far! I picked up some goodies for my girls and I wanted to share with you!


I was really only in the store for some beads because I had to get my girls’ hair done. I wanted to find red & black beads because that is the theme colors for my Granddad’s memorial service. Not only did I find the beads, but I was in for a surprise when I saw all of the merchandise they had to offer!



Not only did my girls need beads, but they desperately needed a daily moisturizer. I feel like I tried every product known to man lol! But, I found a NEW product and I fell in love with the results!


While I was browsing the store, my girls came across a detangler brush. This was a brush they have been asking me for for a long time. I was a bit iffy on actually purchasing it because I’ve had one before and it did NOT deliver! But, the brush we found is called, Annie Curved Handle Detangler. I wanted to share my review on the brush as well as the new Shea Miracle moisture intense Silky Curls Moisturizer product!



My Review

I separated my daughters’ hair in four sections. I had to pull out my gloves because I have a crazy allergy to Shae Butter! It’s really weird, but the product works well on my kids’ hair, so I make it work! So, I applied a quarter size amount of the silky curls moisturizer in the palm of my hand & rubbed it in their hair from root to tip & massaged it throughout the section. Using Annie’s detangler brush, I started the somewhat scary process of detangling my girls’ hair.


In mid brush, I asked if it was hurting and both Rèinah & A’Niyah said no. I was so thrilled!! I wasn’t expecting that answer because the other brush I owned hurt them. When I heard a no, I smiled so big!! Then when I saw the great results, my heart literally filled with joy lol! All of us were smiling from ear to ear at this point!



The silky curls moisturizer hair product got my girls’ hair not only super soft and moisturized, but it had such a divine scent! It made my girls hair shine and that was what I wanted! I then went over their scalp with coconut oil.


I would highly recommend both of these products (actually, you coconut oil is perfect for those struggling with eczema in their scalp like my daughter Rèinah). If you’re looking for something that delivers results, Annie Curved Handle Detangler & the new Shea Miracle Moisture Intense Silky Curls Moisturizer products are perfect!


If your kids’ hair is dry or suffers from a lot of breakage, or it’s hard to comb through, the African Pride product will work wonders for their hair! But of course it’s all about trial & error in the end really. Like I said, I’ve tried many products and brushes, but I will look no further! These products have WON my vote!



Let me know your thoughts if you decide to make the purchase. 

Rèinah’s head is done, onto the next!

Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona

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