Homeschooling with Rosie | Identifying Shapes & Colors

Hello and welcome to another moment with Shona! It has been a successful day thus far! I was excited to work with my Rosie today!

Did you know that some libraries have a section where you can check out educational toys? This was brand new to me! I was very thrilled to find this out last month! So on our trip to the library on Monday, I picked up some educational toys that would help Lovèah Rose with her counting, colors & shapes.

Let’s Go Fishing!:

Ok, I may have loved this activity a little bit more than Rosie lol {pays to be honest right?}! There was a fishing rod with velcro at the end, colored stuffed fish & a fish bowl.

I poured all of the fish onto the floor & said a color out loud. Rosie tried to find that color fish, use the fishing rod & move the fish to the fish bowl! She is still learning her colors, but she knows purple, blue, yellow, red, green, and orange. She needs to work on pink, white, brown & black. When we were done with this activity, Rosie fell back onto the floor and kicked her feet in laughter as I celebrated her accomplishments! It was quite funny!



Shape Sorter:

I’m sure a lot of people grew up using this toy. I know I had it when I was little. It comes with a red bucket with a yellow cover. The cover has shape cutouts. And it comes with a total of 10 colored pieces. 2 red triangles, 2 blue circles, 2 orange stars, 2 green squares & 2 purple plus signs. I’m sure you remember what the goal of this activity is… basically put the shapes in the proper hole.

I had my 7 year old help me with Rosie’s lesson today, so Rèinah called out the shapes at times while I did the colors. Rosie had to figure out the puzzle pretty much lol! She struggled with the plus sign, but other than that, she knew her shapes & colors with minimal help!

Surprise Gumballs:

This was the last activity we did today. This toy was a miniature gumball machine that collected 4 balls & had a little blue lever that Rosie had to press down repeatedly to release those balls. Oh, yes I know her mouth is dirty…that’s just the yummy donut she had before her lessons. Lol!! And that hat isn’t just because I’m from Boston either…I have yet to start her new hairstyle lol!! The mom struggle is REAL!! Ok, back to this toy…

So, each ball had little treats inside. There was a small teddy bear, candy, a lollipop & a ring. It was safe because Rosie couldn’t open the balls. The only thing it did was spun and made a rattling noise.

Whenever Rosie put the balls through the machine, I would have her hold it up & we would say what was inside if the balls. This helped her with color recognition because colors were all over the inside of the balls!
And of course I couldn’t keep myself from counting them too lol!

Over all, it was a great day of learning! Oh, and Lovèah also did her normal Your Baby Can Read DVDs. She did the review & vol one.

What is your toddler working on this Summer? I would love some feedback because I love trying new learning activities with my two year old!

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Until next time, “laugh hard, love harder, capture each moment & sprinkle a little joy in someone else’s life.” – XO Shona

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